How to send money from India to the USA?

Sending money to the USA is simple, easy and quick. The US Dollar is the most widely transacted currency from India to America. While you may process a transfer through your bank, a registered money exchanger in India or through various online platforms for your personal remittances, it is best, inexpensive and safest to rely on a trusted authorized money exchanger to conduct the same.

Traditional players like banks often have an excess of paper-work, will need several visits, manual intervention and also a series of more than usual charges in the form of service fees, conversion fees and transfer charges that will be added to your transfer. In most cases, the rate offered by banks on foreign exchange is higher than usual, given their profit margins and earning capacity is so meagre and thus, overcharging customers with additional costs to make the deal sweeter for the bank at large is a story that is weaved, thus leaving the customer perplexed with the transfers and a cloud of doubt around it.

Wire transfers are simple, and they can be conducted at minimum cost, effectively with no hidden or any additional charges. Once you’ve got your beneficiary details, you need to complete your one-time usually, Video-KYC digitally and then proceed with your transfer. The transfer can take up to 24 hours to 48 hours to process, depending on the time and the working hours in the USA and India. The transfer has basic costs attached to it like a nominal service fee and Nostro charges that are pretty standard across mediums you choose to process.

Money transfers to the USA can be for a plethora of reason, you may be a student studying abroad and in need to pay your university fees, you may be a parent who has children studying abroad and would like to process a transfer to ensure their living expenses are taken care of, or you may be a someone who would like to gift someone or pay someone for their services. It is recommended to trust a source that is authorized, trustworthy and equipped to carry on a task as such.

WSFx for instance, has a presence in the remittance business for the last 30 years, WSFx is authorized by the RBI and also conducts these transactions in a jiffy on their WSFx Smart Fx App. The App also has a list of over 700 verified universities making payment of fees to colleges in the USA and around the globe quicker, safer and more over cheaper. The transparent fee break up is visible and can be easily compared to know you’re receiving true value for your money.

For more information on sending money abroad, wire transfers to the USA, or the benefits of transacting on the WSFx Smart Fx App, download the app today or visit

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