Traveling during the COVID-19 Pandemic

After almost 4 months, countries are slowly opening up their borders yet again. This news is critical for students in India who were dreaming of pursuing their education overseas, and people who wish to travel abroad soon. As this momentous occasion draws closer, we have to adapt ourselves to certain ‘new normal’ norms of travel – a face mask, face shield, mandatory quarantine as you land and more.

Travelling during the COVID-19 pandemic requires a lot of research, due diligence and the ability to be prepared for everything. Here are a few factors to consider before traveling.

  1. Quarantine Measures in the Host Country: No matter which country you are traveling, it is imperative to be aware of the country’s quarantine measures for international travelers in order to be mentally and physically prepared. The country’s department of health or tourism will feature such important information on their website. Your airlines will also be privy to such information and will share them with you upon request.
  2. Choose a travel insurance: Given the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it is essential to choose a travel insurance to keep your costs covered. Wall Street Forex offers comprehensive travel insurance to ensure you are insulated from uncertainty including COVID-19.
  3. Choose refundable tickets: In order to cover the losses accrued during the lockdown, airlines will be open to offering refundable ticketing options for long-haul flights. It is always advisable to choose refundable tickets. In case of an unfortunate cancellation, you will be able to salvage some of your money.
  4. Choose a multi-currency forex card: Owing to the no contact policy around the world, most large retailers might be inclined to facilitating only card transactions, for which a multi-currency forex card will be best suited. With Wall Street Forex’s, WSFx Smart Fx App, you can now order your WSFx Smart Currency Card on the app directly and have it delivered home. It comes with a host of perks that make international transactions seamless.

These are a few simple ways to ensure a hassle-free travel during the COVID-19 pandemic. By following all the safety precautions, we can still have a pleasant journey, amidst all the chaos.

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