Corporate Travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic

Has it been a long time since you flew overseas in an attempt to win your customer over? The answer in all probability is yes. However, as countries seem to ease their travel bans, things are looking bright for business travelers and a corporate trip might be on the cards.

As the countries around the world are looking to rebuild their economy, here are a few trends we foresee with regards to corporate travel amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

  1. Necessity: Given the current economic situation, organizations will start weighing the necessity of a trip as against conducting the meeting via web conferencing. Only the trips that are quintessential will be approved, keeping in mind the wellbeing of the traveler and the financial health of the company.
  2. Communication and Safety: The current pandemic has brought about a major shift with regards to the need for comprehensive communication. This creates a need for a unified dashboard to drive communication, guidelines, and processes with regards to travel rules, forex, quarantine measures and more. Wall Street Forex offers a customizable travel dashboard to offer transparency and seamlessness with respect to forex handling that can be conducted remotely with ease.
  3. Embrace Contactless Experiences: With social distancing norms in play, it is important to restrict as much as contact with people or objects as much as possible. At times like these, it’s best to have services automated that you can work with from the comfort of your homes. With the WSFx Smart Corporate Platform, one can seek approvals from remote locations on their forex requirements and even schedule a delivery directly to their doorstep without having to venture out, display physical documents and interact with anyone.
  4. Investment in health insurance, packages and preventive screening: The current scenario will force organizations to invest heavily in health insurance for each trip, given that travelers put themselves at increased risk and comprehensive preventive screening before and after a trip to safeguard others at the organization.

While economies are opening up, the virus is still at large. Investing in a reliable insurance cover before you travel and taking utmost precautions while traveling is imperative at this hour. It is also wise to invest in smart systems that make processes seamless and full-proof, leaving no room for any ambiguity.

Reach out to us for a demo with regards to simplifying your forex systems and full-proof your overseas travel plans for your company here.

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