WSFx Smart Corporate – Smart Forex Solution for the Smart Corporate

In the recent years there has been a dynamic shift in corporate travel. When it comes to establishing and growing relationships that drive business forward, it becomes essential to connect in person. Business travel plays a critical role in helping companies to emerge, grow, explore opportunities and gives an added advantage to stay ahead of its competition.

Corporate travel is flourishing and is expected to grow. The business travel industry has bounced back and companies are looking towards turning their travel investments into big business wins. According to the Global Business Travel Association, the world collectively spent $1.33 trillion on business activities in 2017 and the number is expected to reach over $1.7 trillion by 2022.

For large corporates who plan international business visits, procuring foreign exchange can be a challenge. It becomes difficult for corporates to individually source forex for employee travel. To manage forex requirements and make the procurement an easy process, WSFx has come up with a digital platform for corporates called the ‘Smart Corporate’ solution. The solution is available both on Web and App. This comprehensive digital platform helps corporates to book their forex easily online. It’s an online business forex order management system for corporate forex needs. Corporates can automate their forex ordering process in a most efficient and convenient possible way and at the same time ensure that the Corporate’s compliance and audit needs are met in a seamless way.

The Features of the corporate platform are:

  • Transparent Pricing to Corporates using real time forex rates
  • Corporate Policy Management
  • Payment Reconciliation
  • Forex Ordering Automation
  • Advanced Reporting at Fingertips
  • End Point integration with your ERP

The rise in globalization, and rapid increase in small- and medium-sized enterprises are driving the growth of the business travel market. All we wish to offer is convenience and a real time digital experience to our corporate customer.

To know more about the Smart Corporate Solution and to schedule a demo, visit –

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