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The world right now is divided not just by borders, but also by bubbles. With countries quarantining themselves completely from the rest of the world, our reality has gone through a paradigm shift and travel isn’t the norm any more.

Well, what does that mean for the globetrotters who are so used to being global citizens? There is some respite after all. The Indian government has entered into bilateral travel agreements with countries across Africa, Middle East, Europe and Asia making it possible for travellers to visit 17 countries in case they carry proper documentation and are not symptomatic of COVID-19, as of December 2020.

In late March, as the world went under lockdown, it was uncertain when borders would open up and when travel would resume. However, to the delight of Indian travellers, Indians can travel to 17 countries including the USA, the UK, France, Germany, the UAE, Canada, Maldives, Afghanistan, Bahrain, Iraq, Japan, Nigeria, Qatar, Kenya, Oman, Bhutan, and Ukraine. The DGCA previously announced that, as per their agreement with the USA, the UK, Canada and the UAE, an Indian with a valid visa would be allowed to enter these countries.

With regards to the Maldives, while Indians can still avail a visa on arrival, the travellers might have to undergo a random RT-PCR test, wear masks in public and enclosed spaces and on their transit to the Maldives. However, some other countries such as the UAE require the travellers to provide proof of having tested negative on an RT-PCR test on arrival apart from undergoing a session of mandatory quarantine/isolation at the destination.

While most of the other countries are closed, the fact that Indians can now travel to 17 other countries is reason to cheer up and remain hopeful, for better days are ahead of us.

To know more about the various international travel restrictions for Indians, click here

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