Best Countries to Study Abroad in the Pandemic

While the pandemic may have put a pause to a plenty of plans, it also opened newer opportunities and relied heavily on digital models to come close to normalcy for a plethora of things. Be it applying for your dream university abroad, taking a virtual tour of your shortlisted colleges, or simply connecting with fellow students, and to be flat mates on the world wide web instead of a face to face meeting over coffee or otherwise.

While some countries were forced to completely shut their borders from the outside world, others were quick and lucky enough to undertake measures that did not dampen a student’s spirit or their learning experience, epically when they fly across a continent to study in another country abroad filled with anxiousness and dreams.

Here’s a roundup on the 3 most student friendly countries in the pandemic.

#1 USA

The United States of America prioritized the entry of Indian students to return to campus once things settled. They ensured adequate measures on ground like, US Visa facilities were up and running especially for students and ensured smooth and faster than usual deliveries of visa’s too. While each university may have their own rules to permit students on campus, studying in the USA during the pandemic proves to be one of the most sought after destination.

Eg. Some schools prefer students to be completely vaccinated with only US approved vaccinations.

#2 Canada

Canada’s borders remain open to international students since last October, as long as their designated learning institution (DLI) has the government-approved COVID-19 readiness plan in place. Canada’s strict and expensive quarantine rules did put many international student aspirants off, however, many schools opted to cover part of their student’s quarantine fees and it’s a win-win for both! With vaccines being rolled out in the country, Canadian universities are hoping to resume in-person classes this fall.

#3 UK

One of the first few countries to embrace the form of bubble flights for people from India, UK has come out as one of the most student-friendly countries. With the UK’s rule to allow students to work for up to 2 years post the completion of their studies, UK has emerged as the top 3 destinations to study abroad from India. UK universities are also working towards a full return to face-to-face teaching from the start of Autumn Term in September 2021 and students are expected to have full access to all campuses and facilities.

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