How to spend your leftover forex from your last trip abroad?

Traveling abroad can be exhilarating. By hopping on an airplane for a few quick hours, you get to experience an all-new world on the other side. New cultures, new cuisines, new language and maybe make a new friend or two along the way.

However, all said and done, there is an expense associated with traveling and no matter how hard you try, and draw-up a detailed budget, there will always be some leftover forex from your trip abroad. Right? So, the question here is, ‘What do I do with leftover forex?’

 If you choose WSFx, as your trusted forex partners and apply for a WSFx Smart Currency Card which can be topped up or recharged via the WSFx Global Pay App, here are a few things you can do with leftover forex:

  1. Transfer it: Are you a globe-trotter who will be visiting multiple countries in a short span of time? The easiest thing you can do with your leftover forex money is transfer it into any currency you want with the WSFx Global Pay app. On the WSFx Smart Currency Card, you can toggle between 14 global currencies.
  2. Go online and shop: The WSFx Smart Currency Card can be used as just another debit card when in India. You can use the leftover forex, transfer it into the INR wallet and continue shopping online with the same card. Smart, right?
  3. Withdraw and carry cash: If you’re someone who prefers cash over card transactions, with the WSFx Smart Currency Card, you can transfer the leftover forex to the INR wallet and withdraw it from any ATM in India at your convenience. Please check the terms of withdrawal before you withdraw.
  4. Last minute gifts? No worries: Forgot to buy your best friend his favorite chocolates from Duty Free? Don’t worry, you can use the leftover forex on your WSFx Smart Currency Card from your trip at the duty-free at any Indian airport.
  5. Currency Notes: In case you’re holding foreign currency notes, you can always exchange it for the best rate possible at your nearest WSFx Global Pay branch.

With a multiple vaccines approved across the globe, hope has been restored that life will return to normalcy in the near future and travel will resume once again. When it does, we are here to help you with all your forex needs at WSFx Global Pay.

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