5 Things to keep in mind while Studying Abroad in a Pandemic

The world went through a paradigm shift that it wasn’t prepared for and is still grappling with the situation at hand. It is most important to breath, review and revisit your approach and strategy to prepare to join your most coveted university abroad. 

1. Manage your Money

Paying for your education overseas may come at a cost due to student loans and the likes, however, paying your university fees with those funds shouldn’t. Research safe, cheap and secure payment solutions to send your money to your university at the best rate with assured safety. Check out the WSFx Smart Fx App here, it lets you save up to 3x more than you would pay otherwise.

2. Upskill your Digital Skills

Securing a part-time job at a local eatery may not be the same or the healthiest option in today’s times. It’s best to upskill yourself with remote or digital skills that will empower you to work from the safety of your dorm or room, securing you from any exposure without dampening your earnings.

3. Invest in sturdy tech for e-learning

While the world turned into a screen overnight, it is recommended you purchase the necessary equipment through a series of online sales, and festive sales in India and be fully equipped to embrace e-learning in all its forms when you’re abroad.

4. Invest in physical and mental wellbeing

Picking a hobby to keep your mind and body sane is the need of the hour. Being confined to secluded space in a new country away from your folks, friends and siblings can be challenging. It is imperative to ensure you are healthy, both mentally and physically to truly enjoy your study abroad experience in 2021.

Also, don’t forget to ensure that you wear a mask at all times, and carry your vitamin supplements with you to ensure minimum expenses on medicines overseas. It is also recommended you check out for cool customized deals on travel insurance for students studying abroad with WSFx.

5. Reap benefits of student discounts

Student Discounts = BFF (Best Friends Forever), c’mon we don’t need to say this out loud. You know it well enough to get yourself an International Student Identity Card (ISIC) that offers 1,50,000+ discounts on food, travel, accommodation, entertainment and more in 125+ countries.

Did you know the ISIC card is available for free when you transact with WSFx or on the WSFx Smart Fx App! Additionally, you can buy forex cards, send money abroad, pay your university and semester fees, all on the app in a jiffy, with no hidden charges.

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