Travel during COVID-19 – What to pack?

Oh yay! We can travel again (well, to a fewer places at least if not all of them!). We can travel domestically and fly to certain international destinations now. There is some semblance of our old lives. Yet, one thing has certainly changed. We cannot live like old times, where we rushed home with 2 hours to spare for a flight and threw stuff randomly in our bag in the pretext of packing. Right? Things have definitely changed. We need to be better planned to ensure we are equipped with the necessary precautions to stay safe from COVID-19.

Here’s everything we need to pack in our bags as we travel during the COVID-19 pandemic and this list isn’t going to change until we discover a vaccine, which might be around the corner with Pfizer and Oxford University’s vaccines proving an efficacy of over 90%.

  1. Personal protective equipment: Masks have become a part of daily attire now. But as we fly or take the train, it is also important to carry disposable gloves, and a face shield along with regular face masks given that you are going to be flying with other passengers.
  2. Hand Sanitizers: Carrying a pocket hand sanitizer is essential to keep your hand sanitized at all times to be safe from COVID.
  3. Long sleeved clothes and trousers: Wearing long sleeved clothes and trousers keep you away from contacting surfaces and upon getting back home or to the hotel room, the dress can be laundered while you disinfect yourself. This way, you reduce your contracting the virus from other surfaces.
  4. Disinfectant hand sprays/wipes: Apart from carrying a hand-sanitizer, it is essential to carry travel-friendly disinfectant spray or wipes to disinfect groceries or the things you buy, before you use them.
  5. Blankets and a travel pillow: Carrying blankets and a travel pillow is necessary given that nowadays, flights do not offer pillows and a blanket and it is safer to carry your own while traveling by the train.
  6. Necessary medications: Given that we’re living through a pandemic, it is important for us to carry our own medications at least the basics – paracetamol, analgesics, antibacterial and band aids in case of small injuries.

Traveling during COVID-19 is definitely going to be challenging, however, with proper precautions it can be very memorable.

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