Melbourne City Guide for Students

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Melbourne is a vibrant city particularly known for its academic culture, happening lifestyle and diversity. Given these factors, it’s an ideal destination for students planning their education abroad.

However, before settling into this city straight away, it is helpful when you learn about the different aspects of the city and how to make use of them for your comfortable living.

1. Educational Hub

This city houses some of the best educational institutions you could opt for in your higher education, thanks to its hospitable culture.

Melbourne universities like Monash University,  RMIT University and The University of Melbourne have been consistently ranked among the top universities across the globe, ensuring that you get the best quality education and become prepared for future success in your chosen field.

2. Culinary Delights

If you’re a foodie, then this city is definitely for you. Given its iconic laneway cafes and international dining establishments, this city is surely going to make your taste buds happy!

To experience the best cuisines in Melbourne, you should head straight to the historic Queen Victoria Market, a hub where you can taste freshly cooked produce and devour some global dishes.

3. Cultural Melting Pot

Melbourne is also pretty famous for the fact that it houses an ethnically diverse population and as a student that means you’ll get to engage with people having different perspectives and outlooks on life from your student accommodation in Melbourne.

Ultimately this would mean that you’ll not only be experiencing different cultures but also engaging with them in a way that broadens your understanding of the world, helping you gear up for the challenges and opportunities that it’s going to throw at you.

4. Public Transport

Moving around the city is not a big deal, thanks to its efficient public transport system. Trams, buses, trains, you name it, and the city has got it all.

Living in such a city means you will be navigating through the neighbourhoods in very little time with the added advantage of exploring the city at a minimal cost of living in Melbourne, helping you save some money as a student.

5. Arts and Entertainment

Art institutions like the National Gallery of Victoria and Federation Square enable you to experience the thriving arts and entertainment scene in Melbourne.

And if you like to appreciate art exhibitions, live performances, and cultural events, then exploring the city during the peak festive season is going to be an experience filled with timeless artistic expression.

6. Sporting Capital

Melbourne is called the sporting capital of Australia for a reason. From the AFL Grand Final to the Australian Open and the Melbourne Cup, this city is famous for its sporting culture too.

Deciding to study in a city like this would translate to more sporting opportunities and better infrastructure for training if you’re the kind of person who is interested in games or even overall physical fitness.

7. Natural Beauty

Beautifully designed houses in Melbourne and the variety seen throughout make this city a happening metropolis in an urban sense, and it is not alien to the scenic beauty either. In fact, it is one of the most beautiful cities in terms of natural beauty.

To witness this, you can take day trips along the Great Ocean Road, wander in the lush Dandenong Ranges, or chill on the sandy shores of St. Kilda Beach.

8. Thriving Nightlife

For a party-loving you, let us tell you that this city comes alive after dark. From the lively clubs to the vibrant atmosphere, everything just screams- Enjoy before heading over to your student accommodation in Melbourne!

To live out your vibrant mood, you should visit popular nightlife districts like Fitzroy, Chapel Street, and the CBD. Here you can socialise, unwind and create lasting memories.

9. Student Discounts

The cost of living in Melbourne acknowledges international students’ financial limitations and helps them by offering student discounts at various cafes, restaurants, entertainment venues, etc.

Keep your student ID handy and an eye out for these deals and you’ll be saving money which then can be used for your upskilling or investing goals.

10. Accommodations

Choosing a stay like your student housing in Melbourne that suits your needs and wants is really crucial for you to have a memorable experience in this colourful city of Melbourne.

Keeping in mind that you’ll be spending a considerable amount of time inside your room, choosing one that elevates your student experience and not your stress levels is a no-brainer.


So it seems, Melbourne is a city full of an extraordinary blend of academic atmosphere, cultural diversity, vibrant lifestyle and an incredible business potential for the aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

By deciding to study in this city, you are setting yourself up to have some of the best professional and personal experiences open to you as an international student.

Conduct your due diligence and we’re sure that you’ll be falling in love with this versatile city. All the best for your student journey!!

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