5 Things to consider when you plan to study abroad!

The year 2020 put a lot into perspective with respect to studying abroad along with a whole new set of issues and reasons to consider before venturing into a new country.

Here are the 5 top things to consider when you’re looking to traverse across the globe to get that coveted degree.

1.Choosing your Destination

Trends state that most Indian students looking to study abroad prefer the USA. However, there’s also a fair bunch who prefer Germany and a sizeable amount who are re-embracing the UK once again ever since it’s rules have been amended. It is important to research on the course you plan to opt for, the ranking of the universities there as per the course of your choice and the support you may receive if you choose to peruse a career there.

2. Eligibility

Each country, university and course have their own set of rules, and mandates in place. A thorough research on the eligibility in terms of academics, work experience, recommendation letters, monetary back up, part-time and full-time job opportunities and permissions must be assessed before you decide to apply. Another great way to research is via connecting with alumina from your country and connect with them to understand how they made it through.

3. Cost of Education

The cost of education can defer from place to place and from course to course. It is imperative to plan your finances and consider costs of not only your tuition fee but of also your general living expenses like rent, food and commute there. There are a bunch of financial institutions that cater to students solely like Gyaan Dhan and HDFC Credilla. It’s important to conduct your own research and go ahead with a trusted source to secure your funds to fund your education abroad should you opt to take a student loan.

4. Safety from Covid-19

With the pandemic still at the center of our lives, it is important to know that should one fall prey to any illness or the virus one will be provided for and will recover. In a new country far away when loved ones won’t be able to rush to care, it is imperative to note down emergency contacts, have a comprehensive student insurance plan in place and take account of one’s safety. WSFx for instance provides customized travel insurance plans to international student travelers at the best rate available.

5. Cost Saving Strategies

While studying abroad can be expensive, it’s important to figure every hack, and nook to save every penny or dollar you can. There are several ways you can save on costs like rent, food and travel tickets like splitting an apartment cost, or living on campus. Some countries may allow students to work, while some don’t, however furnishing some remote working skills to help you earn while you learn will allow you to indulge and make the most of your study time abroad.

One can also save by choosing to pay smartly. Paying university fees abroad can be an expensive and extensive process; however choosing the right partner like the folks at Wall Street Finance is a wise decision to make. With clarity in rates, and transparent pricing you’re not only sending money abroad safely but also securely and at the best rate in the market today. One can also avail a complimentary ISIC card that enables students to avail a host of discounts and offers on food, travel and accommodation. Check this out here.







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