Benefits of Using Forex Card for Students, Travelers & Tourists

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While there are many reasons for travelling abroad, the majority of the people do so for study or tourism. The ease with which global education is accessible tempts Indian students to travel to countries with prestigious educational institutions.

International education opens up endless possibilities, allowing students to pursue careers in various fields. Similarly, travellers go abroad to learn about idyllic coastlines, cultures, scenic towns, and vibrant cities, among other things. Regardless of why you’re travelling, making the most of your money and keeping track of your expenses is a top priority.

It’s where forex cards shine as dependable travel companions, allowing you to ease international payments and making your stay in another country more convenient.

Without further ado, let us examine the numerous advantages of forex cards, which make them ideal for students and tourists alike.

Advantages of Forex Cards for Students

  1. A more secure alternative to cash

Cash has the disadvantages of being easy to steal and difficult to transport. Due to their lightweight design and robust security mechanism, forex cards, on the other hand, are safer to carry. In the unfortunate event of theft, the solid chip and PIN protection are designed to prevent misuse.

2. Instant cash assistance in an emergency

Being completely broke is a student’s worst nightmare, especially if they are stranded abroad. The good news is that if your forex card is stolen or lost while travelling abroad, reputable forex card providers will provide emergency cash assistance. You can request a free insurance policy and have access to your forex card blocked through WSFx Smart Currency App.

3. Reload remotely

Because students are short on time due to their busy study schedules, the remote reloading facility can be a lifesaver. If the balance on your forex card runs out, you can reload it online without leaving your house. Reload your forex card through WSFx Smart Currency card anytime anywhere. The remote reloading facility is unique in that it is available for no charge.

Perks of Forex Cards for Travelers and Tourists

  1. Multiple currencies

Forex cards are designed to support up to 16 different currencies at the same time, such as the Saudi Riyal (SAR), Hong Kong Dollar (HKD), and Pound Sterling (GBP), among others. Tourists who travel to multiple countries regularly should use multi-currency forex cards. Because forex cards allow you to load numerous currencies simultaneously, so you can save a lot of time and effort in the long run.

2. Protection from market volatility

In the majority of cases, travellers usually stick to a strict budget. Because currency fluctuations occur daily, the value of currency notes can plummet anytime. The money loaded on forex cards, on the other hand, is protected from market fluctuations. Forex cards are a better substitute for traditional debit/credit cards. If you want to stay on track with your budget, you can use real-time expense tracking to avoid overspending.

3. Acceptance in all merchant establishments around the world

Travellers are constantly on the move, and they must pay for necessities throughout their stay. Forex cards have an advantage because they are accepted in over 30 million stores across the globe. Travellers can use forex cards to get great discounts at their favorite cafes, restaurants, and shopping stores whenever they need them.

4. Withdrawals from international ATMs

When staying in a foreign country, you may find that you need money in the form of cash in certain situations. A prepaid forex card can be used as a debit card to withdraw currency from nearly 2 million ATMs worldwide. When you use your forex card to withdraw money from an ATM in another country, the withdrawal fees are minimal, ensuring maximum savings.

  • How can WSFx help you?

Choosing a forex card from WSFx will allow you to make payments abroad in a feasible way, whether you are an aspiring student or a fun-loving traveller.

WSFx has been the go-to guide for international students who travel abroad for over 30 years today. Customizing a student’s foreign exchange needs from assuring safe transfers of university fees to helping parents transfer money abroad online to their children and providing the country with the smartest prepaid foreign exchange card, WSFx has cracked the code to manage your overseas living expenses.

Additionally, you can get yourself a free International Student Identity Card (ISIC) when you transact with WSFx! It’s an Annual Membership card which allows you to save maximum money and avail of amazing discounts on Food, Travel, Accommodation, Entertainment. All you have to do is transact with WSFx to get this complimentary card.

Additionally, get your Guaranteed Investment Certificate (GIC) account made at no cost with WSFx and transfer funds to your account from India to Canada in a jiffy.

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