Smart Currency Card: All you need to know

A smart currency card is a travel essential. It is necessary to plan every detail when deciding to travel abroad. Itinerary, packing, visa, and other details are all part of the planning process. Foreign exchange is one of the vital requirements. A tourist must understand what currency to bring with them.

Forex is no longer about carrying money. It’s the most inconvenient method of transferring money. Today’s tourist prefers to travel light, without his pockets bulging with cash. The forex card has become a traveller’s best friend. A forex card is the most secure and convenient way to transport money abroad.

WSFx Smart Currency Card has its own set of features that make a traveller’s life easier abroad. Furthermore, the card is a dual card to use domestically and internationally. The card comes with an INR wallet, which allows travellers to convert their unspent foreign currency to INR and use it for domestic purposes when they return.

The WSFx Smart Currency Card comes with a companion app called the WSFx Smart Fx App. The WSFx Smart Fx App allows you to manage your WSFx Smart Currency Card while you’re on the go.

Features of the WSFx Smart Currency Card

  1. Multicurrency Forex and INR Card

Through the WSFx Smart Fx App, the card allows you to manage your currency at your fingertips. The card supports 14 international currencies, including USD, EUR, AED, AUD, GBP, CAD, SAR, SGD, JPY, THB, CHF, ZAR, NZD, and HKD. The traveler can smoothly reload the card via the app, make secure payments, view transaction history, and transfer funds from one wallet to another with a single click. This card is beneficial for Leisure travellers, corporate travellers, and students travelling abroad for educational purposes.

2. App enabled card management

You can manage your card through the WSFx Smart App and do your transactions hassle-free. Words like cashless and contactless have entered the lexicon as a result of alternative digital payment alternatives. In the wake of the present COVID-19 health crisis, digital transactions, like other ICT fields, have taken on more importance. You don’t need to hunt through your pocket for virus-infected dollars and coins, or even your credit card, and hand them over to the cashier. Instead, use your smartphone to make a payment.

3. Worldwide acceptance at VISA merchant outlets

Visa is a global payments technology corporation that connects people, businesses, banks, and governments in over 200 countries and territories across the world. All ATMs overseas displaying the VISA symbol will accept your WSFx Smart Currency Card.

4. International and domestic acceptance

When setting up a bank account abroad, they usually provide a debit card that only works domestically but not internationally. But with WSFx, you can use your WSFx Smart Currency card for international purposes as well as for domestic purposes. It truly is a one card solution for all your transactions.

5. Tap and Pay

It is a contactless card for all your payments. It is powered by Visa’s PayWave Technology. So you can just Tap & Pay on the go. The card has an NFC (Near Field Communication) feature enabled in it. You can look for a Visa PayWave mark or a contactless logo at the Point of Sale (POS) terminal machine at merchant outlets.

6. Wallet to Wallet transfer

Transfer currencies from one wallet to another with ease using your WSFx Smart Fx App. You can transfer your leftover foreign currency to your INR Wallet. However, you will not be able to transfer funds from your INR Wallet to your foreign currency wallet.

7. Remote Reload facility

You can reload your WSFx Smart Currency Card remotely without stressing over going to the bank or doing it manually through branches.

8. Encash to INR Wallet

The card also comes along with an INR wallet, which can be utilized to transfer your leftover currency at the end of your trip, thus enabling you to spend effortlessly on domestic purposes via POS, e-commerce, or at an ATM at any VISA merchant establishment in India.

9. 24X7 access to funds

Luxurious benefits are just a tap away, whether it’s staying in a hotel in New Zealand, hiring a cab, or sending flowers to your loved ones!

10. Safe and Secure

When travelling abroad, the card is a very secure way to transact. On the go, you can track your expenses using a mobile application. You have complete control and knowledge of your pending funds. In the unfortunate event that you lose your wallet while the cash inside is lost, you can protect your forex card by blocking it from the app. There is also protection against unauthorized card use.

11. Transaction alerts on registered mobile no and email

Check your “Statement” in the WSFx Smart Fx App to know more about your transactions. You will receive a charge slip from the merchant and also receive an Email/ SMS on your registered Email ID and Indian phone number once the transaction is successful.

WSFx Smart Fx App Feature

  • Get Live Forex rates
  • Generate PIN
  • Monitor transaction history
  • Transfer between wallets
  • Check wallet balances
  • Temporarily Card Block

Why choose WSFx?

WSFx has been catering to the forex needs of international students & travellers for the last 30 years. WSFx is RBI authorized and has a strategic network of 16 branches pan India. It is also an ISO27001 certified company and has innovative, simple, and secure forex solutions designed for the international traveller today. With the WSFx Smart Fx App, you can send money across the world in a few easy clicks for a variety of purposes. Send money towards International University Fee Payments, Living Expenses and for a variety of other purposes like Family Maintenance, Gift, Travel & Accommodation, Medical Expenses, Emigration. With 30+ years of experience in foreign exchange, Wall Street Forex, WSFX Smart Fx App offers trusted transfers from India at the best rates for cross-border transactions. With the ability to facilitate a one-time video-KYC which is applicable for all cross-border transfers on the WSFx Smart Fx App along with digital documentation, we’ve got you covered from start to finish, digitally.

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