5 Ways to Earn Money as a Student Studying Overseas

Are you studying overseas? Learning and working side by side will improve your abilities and prepare you for the future.

When it comes to earning money as a student, you have a lot of possibilities. You can check these options out if you are someone who is looking at starting a side-hustle here in India while you learn, or even if you are abroad and do find the time between courses to squeeze in a few hours of work to earn some cash at the side. While there are a bunch of options that are available, you will need to reconfirm yourself if your visa does let you work without any additional permissions or formalities.

The majority of the methods described do not necessitate any financial outlay. This blog may be helpful to you whether you want to make some quick cash or start a legitimate business.

Here are 5 ways to earn money as a student in India:

  1. Earn money as a student in India or abroad by working as a virtual assistant.

Virtual assistants are independent contractors that work from home and provide online help.

Many businesses provide short-term job opportunities that do not require prior experience or subject matter expertise. As a result, they delegate some of their responsibilities to virtual assistants. There are numerous forms of jobs for a virtual assistant, and the possibilities are endless.

If you want to work as a virtual assistant, you will be working part-time for a corporation. The best aspect of this work is that it is remote. It allows you to work from the comfort of your own home or hostel room. This work pays well and is doable for students.

As a virtual assistant, you must respond to phone calls and emails, book appointments/tickets, handle databases and files, follow up with clients, and so on.

  1. Remote Internship

An intern is a student or trainee who works in an organization for a limited time to fulfill qualifying requirements and obtain job experience. Internships allow you to gain experience in your desired industry while expanding your practical knowledge. It also provides you with a competitive advantage over your peers. Internships necessitate some knowledge of the field in which you are applying.

Some examples of internship positions include:

  • Digital Marketing
  • Conduct competitive analysis, Analyse data to achieve ROI, Manage, plan and schedule content, Campaign strategies, analysis, etc.
  • Software Development
  • Uploading content, Design app, website, or plugin layout, Debugging and troubleshooting, etc.
  • Design
  • Designing a website, mobile app, infographics, product box, flyers, business cards, other promo materials, etc.
  • Content Writing
  • Making content plans, keywords research and analysis, Writing content, Editing, and proofreading, etc.
  • Audio/Video Editing
  • Giving sequences to the content, Removing the clutter, Making the content audible/visible to the audience, etc.
  • Finance
  • Documenting and Auditing money matters, Checking after financial discrepancies, Advising about financial management, etc.

3.     Freelancing Jobs

As a student in India, you can use your creative abilities to make quick money. A freelancing job is where an individual works for oneself rather than for another organization.

Freelancers accept contract employment from businesses and organizations. They are referred to as “contractors” rather than “workers” by the companies for whom they work. Here are a few examples of how you can use your expertise to make money as a freelancer:

  • Begin your professional career as a Designer.

If you are good at designing logos, websites, animations, graphics, VFX work, and so on, you should start making money with your skills.

  • Become a Student Photographer

Photographers can earn money both online and off. Offline ways include photo shoots and weddings, while online means include freelancing, YouTube, Instagram, and online tutoring.

  • Dubbing Service

Dubbing requires a variety of disciplines such as movies, serials, web series, and so forth. If you have a lovely voice, you should try your hand at dubbing. You might begin by contacting film studios about the position. If they do not have an immediate need for a dubbing artist, they will contact you.

  • Party Organizer

People have a plethora of occasions to celebrate – Birthday Parties, Job Parties, Wedding Parties, and so on – and if you believe you have the talents and creativity to design these parties, you must not waste your abilities. Use your skills to organize the best parties and earn money.

4.   Blogging

If you enjoy writing, you can create a blog. Create a website, choose a category, and you’re ready to begin! It may appear to be an easy task, but establishing a blog takes time, consistency, and effort.

You need to maintain consistency and keep your audience interested in the topics that are important to them. You must ensure that your website is user-friendly and enticing.

Once you get a good volume of visitors on your website, you can begin profiting from various methods, including advertisements, promotions, affiliate marketing, and so on.

5.   Become a Mentor for others

You can start teaching online and earn money if you are good at a subject. You can also teach skills such as dancing or singing, languages, web design, music creation, personal development, and video editing, to name a few. Many websites, such as Vedantu, Udemy, and SkillShare, can help you start a tutoring business.

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