Your Go-To List To Study In The USA

The USA has appeared to be one of the most international student friendly countries even post the pandemic. It is known for a destination that not only offers quality education but also opportunities that are fair and well rewarding, thus making the investment in a degree abroad more lucrative.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when you decide to journey to the USA to study

  1. Finances

Education in the USA comes at a price and so does living there. After having settled on a field or course of study you need to weigh your finances and decide between your options to fund your education. There are several scholarship programs, educational loan institutions, academic planners and consultants who provide their expertise in this process and will devise the best plan to suit you financially.

2. Eligibility, Admission, Visa and Other Documents

It is important to be abreast about the latest rules and regulations and the criteria a university will seek at the time of evaluating your candidature. For example, most schools prefer a four-year undergrad program as opposed three-year programs. One needs to invest in heavy research and understanding and close these queries before applying to your dream school.

Having a dedicated consultant, or simply connecting with ex-students or students who are in the middle of their application will help you through this ambiguous/cloudy process.

3. Actually taking that Trip

Going abroad can be an overwhelming experience. It becomes increasingly difficult to pack your life in two suitcases when you do decide to actually travel abroad. It is important to plan your travel in an efficient manner or travel with a relative who will help you set up there.

With the coronavirus pandemic amongst us still there are a few added precautions one must consider

  • Have your medical documentation and vaccination reports in place.
  • Have a comprehensive travel insurance plan in place, that suits your requirement, check this here.
  • Having enough of funds in a safe form to carry to the USA (Taking a mix of foreign currency notes and loading a prepaid forex card is the best solution when it comes to carrying your USD), know more here.

4. Paying your university fees

Ensure you figure a way to pay your university fees with a provider who offers complete transparency, and handles end to end payment with complete ease, and contactless. WSFx for instance has an international student friendly app that allows you to send money to over 700+ listed universities across the globe. Find out more about WSFx here or simply download the WSFx Smart Fx App and go digital with your forex

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