Visa on arrival for Indians in 2021: Top 10 countries

Some countries offer visa on arrival for Indians. Read on to know more.

Different people have different experiences when they travel abroad. We go to great lengths to ensure that our journey is enjoyable and memorable.

A visa is a document or stamp issued on passports that grant foreigners official permission to enter, depart, or stay in a country for a set period.

You might believe that traveling outside of your native country always entails applying for a visa ahead of time and patiently waiting for the paperwork to be complete. If the visa application gets denied, all of the preparations will be worthless. People are hesitant to travel abroad because of this uncertainty.

If you are traveling to several countries that offer Visa on Arrival (VOA), you can avoid going through these rigorous and time-consuming procedures.

What does a visa on arrival mean for Indians?

Many countries throughout the world offer visa-on-arrival services to Indian passport holders. You can obtain a visa upon arrival in the destination country rather than before departing from your home country. There is no need to apply for a Visa ahead of time or go through lengthy formalities

Visa on arrival is a convenient alternative for Indian passport holders because it eliminates the last-minute complications of acquiring a visa before departing on a foreign vacation. To receive a Visa-on-arrival, one needs to wait in line at the visa counter in the destination country.

Although, not all countries provide this service, which is why you should be aware of the countries that provide a visa on arrival service to Indian passport holders. In addition, the visitor must pay a fee.

What is the difference between e-Visa and Visa on arrival?

The e-Visa or electronic Visa service is a way to obtain an online Visa. Foreign tourists can get an e-Visa by accessing the destination country’s e-Visa website, uploading the necessary document proofs, and paying the applicable fees. Within a few days, they will receive the e-Visa by email. When visiting the location, the tourist must have a printout of this e-Visa. An e-Visa connects to the traveler’s passport number, and no stamp or label on such visas is required.

A visa on arrival for Indian passport holders, on the other hand, is a service that ensures the passenger receives the Visa-on-arrival at the destination country’s airport. After presenting valid proof, the visa-on-arrival gets issued at the authorized counter.

List of countries offering Visas on arrival for Indians

1)   Bolivia

Bolivia is one of the most undervalued and remote travel locations in the world. It has strange landscapes to entertaining festivals, varied cultures to bustling marketplaces, and dynamic cities to adventurous activities. With its treacherous roads, wildlife, and fauna, along with coffee, and other mouth-watering delicacies, it can be a total roller coaster trip. You may enjoy all of this without any worry because it provides a visa on arrival for Indian passport holders.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost60 USD (INR. 4,500 approx.)*
Visa on Arrival Duration30 days

*only available at major airports like Santa Cruz or La Paz.

2)   Cape Verde

Cape Verde is well-known for its volcanic islands, warm tropical climate, amazing food, and outstanding musicians. It is a gorgeous destination in the central Atlantic Ocean known for its diverse beaches and culture. If you are searching for a relaxing, sun-filled vacation, Cape Verde is ideal because it is a visa-on-arrival country for Indians. If you prefer peace, you might make an extra effort to visit the remote islands.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost25 USD (INR. 2,000 approx.)
Visa on Arrival Duration90 days

3)   Fiji Islands

Fiji is well-known for its beautiful islands and kind people. It is the archetypal South Pacific paradise. Fiji provides Indian passport holders with visas on arrival and over 300 islands to select from. Fiji is surrounded by lush flora and plentiful undersea aquatic life.

You can also spend time exploring ancient monuments or getting a taste of island life by touring the region’s traditional towns, volcanic scenery, and lush jungles.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa costFree
Visa on Arrival Duration12 days

4)   Hong Kong

Hong Kong is Asia’s gastronomic capital, recognized for its vibrant culture and spectacular structures seen from almost anywhere. With so many fascinating things to do in Hong Kong, you’ll be unexpectedly upbeat the entire time. It has a lot more to offer than just delectable dim sums and breathtaking views. Whether it’s a business selling technological devices, a man walking his bird, or an antique temple, there’s something fresh and unique around every turn.

However, before visiting this visa-on-arrival country, Indians must complete their pre-arrival registration as required by the Immigration Department.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost40 USD (INR. 2,900 approx.)
Visa on Arrival Duration14 days

5)   Indonesia

Indonesia is one of the greatest visa-on-arrival destinations for Indians because of its rich customs and culture. It is home to the renowned Kintamani volcano, Tanah Lot temple, numerous cooling rice terraces, flowing waterfalls, and lovely people. Indonesia is a geological paradise, situated near the Equator with hundreds of volcanoes at the meeting point of the Pacific and Indian Oceans.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost35 USD (INR. 2,500 approx.)
Visa on Arrival Duration30  days

6)   Macau

The architecture and gastronomy of Macau are well-known. Macau is known as the “Vegas of China” because of its exciting nightlife, shopping, and gambling. Apart from that, the visa-on-arrival country for Indians has a rich cultural legacy. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you want to see magnificent churches, peaceful streets, and delicious food. Macau also draws thrill-seekers because it is home to the world’s highest commercial bungee jump.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa costFree
Visa on Arrival Duration30  days

7)   Madagascar

The Republic of Madagascar, located near the coast of East Africa, is a nature lover’s delight, with abundant flora and fauna.

Madagascar Islands offers visa-on-arrival to Indian passport holders, as well as several unusual scenery and diverse foods. It is the largest of the Indian Ocean’s islands. Visiting the beautiful woods and sandy beaches can be a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost20 USD (INR. 1,500 approx.)
Visa on Arrival Duration30  days

8)   Maldives

Travel to the breathtaking Maldives to discover its glistening white sand and gorgeous aquatic surroundings. The Maldives is the best place to relax and gaze out at the blue water. You could also visit the Maldives’ variety and fascinating landmarks. It is recognized among the top recreational diving locations in the world, with over 60 local dive sites spread over the islands.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa costFree
Visa on Arrival Duration30  days

9)   Mauritius

Mauritius is a gorgeous island surrounded by seemingly infinite stretches of cobalt-blue water. This magnificent island has so much more to offer than just breathtaking tropical surroundings. Prepare to discover Mauritius’ famed beaches, weather, languages, unique cuisine, and superb golf courses.

Indian citizens do not require a visa to enter this island nation in the Indian Ocean. They can enter the country without difficulty and receive a free on-arrival visa by presenting documentation such as recent pictures, confirmed return tickets, proof of accommodation booking, and a passport with at least two blank pages and six months validity.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa costFree
Visa on Arrival Duration60  days

10) Thailand

Thailand, located in southern Asia, is famed for its delicious food, beaches, martial arts, and numerous temples. This magnificent land of white elephants is a visa-on-arrival country for Indians. Thailand is also known for its many islands, many of which have tourist resorts. Watersports and boat cruises also draw visitors to this beautiful island, which offers visa-on-arrival to Indian passport holders.

Without having to worry about the ‘visa application procedure,’ you can visit temples, beaches, monasteries, art galleries, and flea markets anytime you want.

Indians are only permitted to stay in the country for a total of 15 days. The tourist must pay a visa charge of 2000 THB.

Visa typeVisa on arrival for Indians
Visa cost2000 THB (INR. 4,000 approx.)
Visa on Arrival Duration15  days
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