Travelling overseas is better with Forex Prepaid card

Travelling overseas becomes easier with our Forex Prepaid Card – your best travel companion.

Studying in an international university or travelling overseas is an experience everyone looks forward to, however, sometimes it can get intimidating. Apart from all the concerns, the most basic one’s how to deal with the money aspect because managing finances while travelling overseas may not be that easy. In this scenario, it’s best to secure yourself with a pre-paid multi-currency forex card that can be loaded in India or remotely and can be swiped across the globe for your purchases.

Having a Smart Forex Card is one of the most important and wisest choices for students because it is designed keeping in mind the unique requirements of students studying and travelling overseas. It is very convenient, hassle-free, and can be managed easily, especially when it comes to paying for your expenses when you just land at your destination.

Given below are the 6 reasons why you need to have a Forex Prepaid Card while travelling overseas:

1.   Protection against the risk of foreign currency fluctuation

Charging up your forex card with sufficient balance in your destination currency will insulate you from foreign currency exchange rate fluctuations. Once you have loaded the desired amount of foreign currency into the card at a particular rate for the transfer that you paid for by INR, the balance will continue to be reflected in foreign currency, thus helping you to lock in the currency conversion factor. This allows you to work on your international trip budget with a sense of certainty, since what you loaded on Day 1 is what you get to spend, regardless of whether the forex rate has moved from the day of loading to the day of spending such a forex amount.

2.   The flexibility of many currencies on one card

This especially comes useful when visiting two or more countries, for instance, you planned to visit the US in July end and you plan to make a stopover in London, United Kingdom. On a pre-paid multi-currency forex card you can easily transfer some USD (US Dollar) into your GBP (Pound Sterling) wallet for your anticipated expenses in London. This can be done thorough the corresponding app/portal of the forex prepaid card. Also known as, Wallet to Wallet transfers, these do carry a nominal fee, which is still way less in comparison to conversion fees and other hidden charges that you may be subject to on your credit card.

3.   Enables cash withdrawals

While you carry most of your foreign currency on the card, you will notice that the local restaurants are more comfortable with cash transactions. Forex cards operate just like debit cards and can be easily used at any nearest ATM to withdraw cash anywhere in the world.

4.  Cost-efficient foreign vacation expenses

If you want to make transactions through a debit/credit card during the trip, the forex rate applicable to your transaction will be the current forex rate plus the applicable forex conversion and mark-up charges charged by the bank. You can eliminate such costs through the forex card. Using a forex card turns out to be very cost-efficient on international vacations.

5.   A safe way of transacting when abroad

A pre-paid multi-currency travel card is a very secure way of transacting when traveling overseas. You can track your expense on a mobile application, on the go.  You are in complete control and in the know of your pending money. In the unfortunate event of losing your wallet, while the cash in it is lost, the forex card can be protected by blocking it, simply from the app itself. There is also insurance against unauthorized usage of cards.

How can a WSFx card help you?

WSFx has been the go-to guide for international students who travel abroad for over 30 years today. Customizing a student’s foreign exchange needs from assuring safe transfers of university fees to helping parents transfer money abroad online to their children and providing the country with the smartest pre-paid foreign exchange card, WSFx has cracked the code to managing your overseas living expenses.

The WSFx Smart Currency Card in particular, is a one of India’s best forex card that not only allows remote reloading, comes with an application and has a wallet to wallet transfer, but also works well domestically as functions just as a debit card, assuring the user’s funds are available to him at all times.

With trusting WSFx as your secured forex partner, you can leave all your foreign exchange woes to Dr. Forex and trust him to give you the best plan to manage your study abroad financial goals with ease. You also receive a complimentary virtual ISIC card when you transact with WSFx today! This student-only discount card literally helps you save money when you’re living overseas with a series of offers and discounts globally. 

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