WSFx Smart Agent Platform – A Smart Digital Forex Solution for Smart Agent Partners

This is a world of total digitization. As the drive toward increased digitization continues, it becomes essential to adapt the same for every product and every target audience. Digitization of business helps to improve the efficiency of its process, consistency, and quality. It not just gives a competitive edge in the business world but also enhances quality, consistency and profitability.

Digital being the core, WSFx has launched a comprehensive digital platform for its esteemed Agent Partners called the ‘WSFx Smart Agent Platform’. The partners include travel agents, education consultants, immigration consultants etc. who can book forex for their end customers in a very seamless manner through the platform. The Smart Agent platform is customized for all agent partners. Travel Agents, Education consultants and other agent partners require forex for their end customers who go for leisure travel or for students who go abroad for educational purpose.

WSFX agent portal enables our agent partner’s to login in the portal and add a lead / order directly without requiring them to call/email and wait for an offline process. The portal is updated with the latest exchange rates at product level and provides various other information including invoice / SWIFT copy which can be downloaded and provided to the end customer across the counter in a jiffy.

Some features of the WSFx Smart Agent Platform are as follows:

  • Comprehensive: The portal is a comprehensive solution for the agents to manage their transactions end-to-end starting from lead booking to tracking the status to generating an invoice / SWIFT copy for the customer if required.
  • Workflow Based: The portal has a detailed workflow, both for the agent as well as for the branch to process and track the transaction
  • Transparent: The system has Live Exchange rates prevailing at that very moment and hence complete transparency is provided to the agent and the consumer
  • Commissions: The agent commissions are pre-defined on the portal so that agent gets visibility of the commission for the transaction and helps him in his pricing decision
  • Lead Management: WSFx agent portal enables our agent partners to login in the portal and add a lead / order directly without requiring them to call / email and wait for an offline process.
  • Status Update: The portal gives live transaction status to the agent with an ease of handling customer queries if any.
  • Life Time Value: Customer referred by the agent is mapped to them and agent gets incentive for subsequent direct transaction of the customer.
  • Payment Gateway Integration: Online payment option available through Net banking/UPI/Smart payment Gateway.

At WSFx, customer convenience is of utmost importance. The Smart Agent Solution not just benefits the agent partners but also the end customers.

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