Forex Prepaid Cards

Invest in a smart way to carry forex on your trips abroad with a Forex Prepaid Card. These cards are available in over 16 currencies and are easy to load and reload from anywhere in the world. It can be also swiped at over 30 million merchant outlets and over 1 thousand e-commerce websites across the globe.

This card appeals to various genres besides being the best forex card for students in India. It is also the best forex card in India for USA, Europe, UK, Asia and wherever you wish to travel too.

Indian students studying abroad and travelers can benefit using a forex prepaid card by purchasing their forex in advance at a lucrative rate up to 60 days before their trip.

Opting for a prepaid forex card protects you from constant rate fluctuations, mark ups, and other additional conversion charges and risk you may bare if you choose otherwise.

You can also book your forex card, or link your existing forex card on our mobile application, the WSFx Smart Fx App.

Salient Features of our Forex Prepaid Cards

  • Protection from exchange rate fluctuations
  • Zero lost card liability
  • Superior security with chip & pin enabled cards
  • Free replacement card
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage
  • Emergency medical & travel assistance
  • Duty-free shopping at Indian airports
  • Withdrawal of funds
Forex prepaid cards