Agent Forex Solutions

WSFx agent portal enables our agent partner’s to login in the portal and add a lead / order directly without requiring them to call / email and wait for an offline process. The portal is updated with the latest exchange rates at product level and provides various other information including invoice / SWIFT copy which can be downloaded and provided to the end customer across the counter in a jiffy

Some features of the portal are as follows:
  • Comprehensive: The portal is a comprehensive solution for the agents to manage their transactions end-to-end starting from lead booking to tracking the status to generating an invoice / SWIFT copy for the customer if required.
  • Workflow Based: The portal has a detailed workflow, both for the agent as well as for the branch to process and track the transaction
  • Transparent: The system has Live Exchange rates prevailing at that very moment and hence complete transparency is provided to the agent and the consumer
  • Status Update: The portal gives live transaction status to the agent with an ease of handling customer queries if any.