Of Jets and Jabs – Vaccine Tourism and New Updates on Travel!

With COVID-19 cases increasing and the discovery of more contagious strains, countries have geared up to vaccinate their citizens on priority.

In the meantime, a few travel agencies are launching new tourism plans for those who can who wish to make it a trip and get the shot abroad – Short Trips for a Shot! This is basically called coined as vaccine tourism. Vaccine tourism is travelling to another country or state to get a vaccine not available for you at home. It is now majorly focused on the COVID-19 vaccine. Private travel agencies have already started creating tour packages for Indians who want to travel to the foreign countries for a jab of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine.

Borders and skies across the globe are now opening up slowly. Many of them now have different rules for those that are vaccinated. There is a lax in quarantine days, or only home quarantine requirements versus institutional quarantine for those who’ve taken their jab. Thailand is one amongst the few countries to embrace this model. Vaccinated tourists in Thailand will have to spend only a week in quarantine as opposed to non-vaccinated tourists. Likewise, Croatia is also following suit with even more bolder steps like no quarantine measures for those tourists who prove they’re negative or vaccinated and are in the pink of health.

As of April, 2021, Sri Lanka and India joined hands to operate on an air-bubble model to fuel tourism, this means, Indians now have another destination to visit. With a few small steps here and there the travel industry seems to be getting on its toes slowly but surely.

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